February 28, 2020 - Matteo Benci

PyCon Italia and the health emergency

Ciao Pythonistas. As you may be aware of, our country seems to be one of the most hit by the spread of the 2019-nCoV virus. Although the region where PyCon Italia will be held is among the safe zones of Italy (at the moment), our first priority is the safety of our members and of the PyCon Italia attendees, who are coming from all over the world. Most of the attendees are now in not-safe zones, and would have troubles moving in the weeks to come, as many would not love to risk of being infected. Thus, in these hours we are carefully monitoring the progression of the situation and the development of the health emergency status. While the situation gets clearer, the chance to run our event as scheduled on April 2nd-5th are diminishing, while increases the chance to postpone our beloved conference.

We are coming with an alternative date for it, which we hope will be far enough from this happenings to guarantee more serenity and safety: 5th-8th November. We obviously know that this would generate many problems, but as we stated, the safety of everyone is our priority now.

Obviously, in this uncertain situation, everyone who already bought a ticket or a room for joining PyCon Italia on our website may ask for a refund now or anytime later if this postponement will become real.

We will come with a final decision by next week. We believe you can understand our reasons and we really do hope with all our heart that you’ll have the chance and will to join PyCon Italia 11 even if we postpone it. We worked hard for months to build a successful conference and the possibility of not seeing it come to life would leave us devastated.

Please note that each purchase made on our website (both conference tickets and hotel rooms) will be valid also in case of postponement. So, if you have a ticket for PyCon11, we decide to postpone the conference, and you plan to attend anyway in November, the ticket will still be valid with no extra cost.

Python Italia & the PyCon Italia staff.