Altering lives with communities

Friday, May 26

17:45 - 18:45

This is not a talk but a journey. A journey of a corporate lawyer becoming an open source community member and enabler. Have you thought that the simple piece of software you write, a comment you make on a GitHub issue, or a small meetup you organize has the power to alter lives? The talk will explore our enormous ability to do good by progressing and learning together.

We, PyLadies, are making small efforts to improve life for us and others in different parts of the world. ‘Python for Everyone’ is a program where we are helping immigrant women to transition their careers from non-tech to tech and become active members of the Python Open source community.

This is a story of endless possibilities. It will touch upon the different aspects of the community. The foundations on which open-source communities stand on technology, law, and humans.

participant photo

Anwesha Das

Anwesha is a Master of Laws by education and a technologist by passion. Over the year she has helped Free and Open Source Communities around the globe with her technical, legal and organizational skills. She is fellow at Python Software Foundation. She led PyLadies efforts in India and now is an organizer at PyLadies Stockholm. She is now helping out as Software Engineer at Ansible Community Engineering team at Red Hat. Go check out her blog!