The art of taking time for yourself and growing a mindful hobby

Friday, May 26

15:25 - 16:35
RoomInsalata [Green Garden Stage]

Give yourself permission to pause and enjoy life away from the computer In this workshop we’ll discuss:

  • ▪️ The importance of taking time for yourself
  • ▪️ How to own your time and calendars
  • ▪️ How to transform an everyday task into a ritual
  • ▪️ Key elements to create a garden to be present at home

This talk is for those who need to step out of work and find time for themselves, enjoy their free time, and create the ritual of being present.

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Architect, landscape designer, entrepreneur, and full-time optimist dedicated to helping others grow beautiful gardens in small spaces to maximize production and mindfulness.

CEO and Founder at Fresh Lemonade Gardens.