Save Sheldon

Friday, May 26

15:15 - 17:15
Audience levelBeginner
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    tldr? A text classifier that detects sarcasm. As is well known to fams and fans of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, one of the brilliant minds of 21st century American Entertainment sadly struggles to detect sarcasm in casual conversation, so we solve this pressing problem in modern pop culture!


    We take a reddit dataset of about a million comments, and train our ML model on a subset to detect whether the sub comment is sarcastic or not, given the context!

    We discuss specific aspects of training, dataset cleaning, measuring and improving results as we move through the session and leave participants with an improved understanding of how to set up similar experiments for themselves!

    Here to help techies undertaking a similar quest! We hope you enjoy the process as much as we did, as we hope to make it easier for you to follow along! ^_^

    TagsEducation, Deep Learning, Databases, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining
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    Rumanu Bhardwaj

    Likes solving for humor(ous?) use cases using NLP and owes everything she knows about data science to tech communities local and nationwide. She aspires to make knowledge of things she’s learnt accessible and fun to work with to people around the globe who may otherwise be struggling to get started or keep going. She is an absolute fan of the PyCon ecosystem, having presented a workshop at PyCon India 2020, a lightning talk at PyCon US 2021, and is excited to be first time PyCon IT speaker soon!