Rust for Pythonistas

Friday, May 26

11:00 - 11:30
Audience levelBeginner
Elevator pitch

Rust is one of developers’ most wanted languages, but Rust can feel like it requires a paradigm shift in how we code.

We’ll compare languages, strategies for learning Rust, investigate how we can use both languages effectively together, and what lessons we can bring from Rust into our Python code.


Released 12 years ago Rust is a relative baby compared to other languages, yet in the 2022 developer survey it was the most beloved language (and just beat Python to earn the title of most wanted!) But, sometimes, the enormous paradigm shift in how we think about and approach our code can make learning Rust feel daunting!

In this talk, we go through some effective ways of learning Rust, without becoming overwhelmed. We’ll look at comparisons and similarities between the languages and also how we can use both effectively together. Finally, we look at how learning Rust can help you think about how you code in other languages and what lessons we can take from Rust and their ecosystem to bring into our Python code.

TagsEducation, Clean Code
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Aaron Bassett

Aaron Bassett has lived in Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, the Netherlands, and America. He is a recovering Senior Software Engineer turned award-winning Principal Developer Relations Engineer at Parity Technologies. As a developer, public speaker, writer, and mentor; he spends most of his time making cool stuff and helping other people make unbelievably cool stuff 🔥🦄✨🚀