Robyn: A fast async Python web framework with a Rust runtime

Friday, May 26

12:20 - 12:50
Audience levelBeginner
Elevator pitch

Robyn is a fast Python web framework with Rust runtime, growing quickly in popularity with over 500k installs and nearing 2k stars on GitHub. It showcases an architecture of Rust and Python confluence in production to achieve near-native speed, making it an exciting topic for developers.


Python web frameworks such as FastAPI, Flask, Quartz, Tornado, and Twisted are essential for developing high-performance web applications. However, they may also present certain bottlenecks, either due to their synchronous nature or the usage of the Python runtime. To overcome these limitations and increase performance, Robyn was created. Robyn is one of the fastest Python web frameworks in the ecosystem, with a runtime written in Rust. This allows for near-native rust performance while still maintaining the ease of writing Python code. In this talk, we will discuss the reasons for creating Robyn, the technical decisions behind it, such as the use of Rust runtime, and how it achieves near-native rust performance. Additionally, we will explore how to use Robyn to develop web applications, how the community has helped Robyn grow, and the future plans for its development. I would also like to hear feedback from the developers to see what they want in Robyn and how it can better cater to their needs.

TagsCommunity, REST, Multi-Threading, Microservices
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Sanskar Jethi

Sanskar is a software engineer at Bloomberg and a FOSS maintainer. He is the author and maintainer of Robyn, one of the fastest web frameworks in the Python ecosystem, and he also created Starfyre, a web framework that allows you to create reactive frontends in Python. He is an active member of the open-source community and enjoys attending, speaking, and organizing conferences. When he is not writing code, or at conferences, Sanskar likes to chase the “pump” by lifting heavy weights in his gym.