Personal Branding for Developers: stand out in the market!

Friday, May 26

11:40 - 12:50
RoomInsalata [Green Garden Stage]

Personal branding is crucial for developers, as it helps them to showcase their skills and abilities to potential employers and clients, both online and in-person. Building a strong personal brand can be achieved through various means, including creating an online presence, maintaining a portfolio, participating in online communities, as well as in-person networking events, industry conferences, and speaking at meetups.

In this session we’ll see with concrete examples how to stand out in the market.

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Lorenzo Barbieri

Solutions Architect, International Speaker, Mentor, Book Author. Technical Wizard @ Microsoft. He/Him.

I’m specialized in Cloud Native Applications, Application Innovation, and Modernization, on Azure and Microsoft 365, with Visual Studio, GitHub and Azure DevOps. I’m a speaker, a trainer, a passionate listener, and a public speaking coach. I’ve helped many students, devs, other professionals and many colleagues, improving their stage presence, to deliver exceptional presentations.