Let's save the penguins with green computing

Friday, May 26

16:45 - 17:15
Audience levelBeginner
Elevator pitch

What can we do in our day to day to save the planet?

We are going to see an introduction to Green Computing, and what we can do on a daily basis to contribute our bit to the environment.


“Green computing” is a term that was born in 1992, and that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of digital activities. In this talk, we are going to see what green computing is, and what this area of computer science studies, with some examples of data center improvements. We are also going to know what we can do in our day to day about it, and an introduction to green programming (or ecological coding) with python. Technology has a very high potential to help the environment. The objective of this talk is that we all know about it! We will also learn how to know how green our code is with python. (There are no prerequisites. This talk is for all level audiences).

TagsEducation, Teaching, Computing
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Elena Guidi

Buongiorno! Let’s see if I can sum up my life successfully: I’m Elena and I’m Italian, from Viareggio. I graduated in computer science at Pisa University and I did the Erasmus in Madrid. And well, I decided to stay in there and now are six years that I am living in Spain. Oh and something important about me: I am a cat lover!