Develop modern games in Python the old-school way

Friday, May 26

16:45 - 17:15
Audience levelBeginner
Elevator pitch

This talk explain how to design, develop, and distribute a cross-platform game using Python and Kivy. We will use some of the tools and techniques I learned developing games for a legendary 16-bit computer, the Commodore Amiga. Finally, we will publish our game on the most popular app stores.


Many successful programmers have begun their career writing games for fun. My personal journey started in the Eighties with microcomputers (Amiga), module trackers (Protracker) and bitmap graphics tools (Deluxe Paint). Today there are many excellent choices in terms of frameworks and SDKs, but I hope to convince you that Python and Kivy are among the best, especially in terms of productivity and flexibility. I will share my experience using modern and ancient tools to produce a professional looking game that can be immediately distributed worldwide on multiple platforms (mobile and desktop) and the most popular app stores.

TagsPackaging, Performance, Game-Development
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Di Scala

Python enthusiast since 2010. Engineering manager at Red Hat.